11295835_793901627396664_9160154602615041339_nA new hashtag was born today by our “friends” (ahem, competitors) in Charleston and Columbia – #beatGreenville. And, it seems that there is some confusion about which region is taking home (i.e. keeping) the YAClympics trophy. Let’s set them straight, LVGers! Register now to play, volunteer or be a cheerleader for the 2nd Annual YAClympics, a Diocesan-wide competition of physical and intellectual prowess, happening on Saturday, May 21st in Columbia’s beautiful Sesquicentennial State Park. The schedule for the day includes an opportunity to stay for post-event activities – last year, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and game night socializing (you can even stay in Columbia overnight with one of our YACs for morning Mass & brunch).

Learn more on the Diocesan blog here. The schedule is posted below (link to our Facebook event):


– 10am – 10:30am – Sign-in

– 10:30am – 10:45am – Form teams

– 10:45am – Games will promptly begin

– 10:45am – 2pm – Round 1 of YAClympics Games

– 2pm – 3:30pm – Cookout and fellowship

– 3:30pm – 5pm – Round 2 of YAClympics Games

– 5pm – Awards and Closing Ceremony

– 5:45pm – Post-YAClympic Festivities (optional)

**For those who do not want to depart on May 21, there will be an option of being hosted in Columbia followed by Mass and brunch as a groupon Sunday**

SUNDAY, MAY 22 (optional)

– 9am – Mass at St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel

– 10:15am – Brunch

Come dressed for a field day – tennis shoes and active clothing encouraged – and be sure to bring sunscreen, bug spray, water, and a joyfully competitive attitude!

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