Youre-Invited-LogoNobody really NEEDS a reason to throw a party, but we happen to have several…

  • Reason #1 – We’re an awesome community, and we like to hang out! Bring your favorite game and a friend or two, this is a great opportunity to invite the guy/gal from work you’ve been meaning to hang out with.
  • Reason #2 – Lots of us have been wanting to get back together after the Lenten Retreat and rekindle some of that fire, pick up where we left off on good conversations, etc, so now is your chance!
  • Reason #3 – Board games. Card games. Music. Your people. Spaghetti. ‘Nuff said.
  • Reason #4 – We have a small unveiling of a project we’ve been working on, and we want to introduce it to you! We think you’ll like it… so show up and be the first to hear about it!

When: Saturday, April 16 starting at 6:30pm until…

Location: Kylee & Sarah’s House (text 864-561-4460 for address)

If anybody is interested in Saturday night Mass, St. Mary Magdalene is right around the corner, so please email us ( if you want to get a group together! Otherwise, we’ll see you at the house for dinner! BRING A FRIEND!

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