Michele Houmis & Frank Kucinic prior to their talk at Theology on Tap 4/20

Michele Houmis & Frank Kucinic, Theology on Tap 4/20

Is it possible to return to High school for a class with Michele Houmis & Frank Kucinic?! Sign me up! The kick off event of the Spring 2015 Theology on Tap on Monday, 4/20 provided an approachable, highly energetic/passionate and understandable introduction to JPII’s Theology of the Body. The evening was spent learning the genius behind the differences between male and female, including remembering that “the body has been created to be a visible sign of the mystery hidden in God” to diving into the intense biological needs of women and men. Some highlights (in the perspective of your blogger):

  • Just talking about problems makes a woman feel better. Oxytocin is released when she talks and kills the stress hormone (cortisol). However, a man’s cortisol goes down with much less talking. De-stress a woman by talking without trying to fix any problems she speaks about. De-stress a man with space!
  • 3 intense biological needs of women: 1) experience intimacy with the one she loves; 2) dialogue (for a man to listen to her without interruption); 3) to be in the presence of a strong enough male who is able and willing to protect her physically, psychologically and spiritually.
  • 3 intense biological needs of men: 1) to be certain the woman he is with has admiration and respect for his character and achievements (women are often silent about this because they don’t need that as much as men); 2) to be with someone who wants to know what he likes and will learn it (the friend dimension of marriage – men bond through thinking, silence, and activity – women bond through face-to-face and men through side-by-side); 3) to have an active sexual partner in marriage (for men, it is important that their wife finds them sexually attractive).
  • #1 male fear is failure. #1 female fear is to be left empty (to lack meaning or purpose or affirmation).

Next week, we continue with speaker Father Dwight Longenecker who will explain the effects sin portrays of a false view of the original identity of creating man in His image & likeness! Expect to learn about the church’s views on premarital sex, homosexuality, marriage, pornography, and more. Join us at Liberty Tap Room at 7pm on April 27.

Scenes from last night:


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  1. Katie

    It was a great evening, and I’m looking forward to future ones! Thank you to everyone who worked to organize it.


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