CaptureWe’re incredibly proud of our statewide Lucis Via/YAC/YAMS family – near and far! Today we’d like to spotlight Giovanni Calise, who recently came to speak to our young adult ministry on the topic of his grace-filled story of conversion From Clubs to Christ. Giovanni has dedicated his life in serving our Lord and in so doing has started Main Street Rock – a virtual community of Christian articles, news, businesses, and more. Recently, local favorite Catherine Pelicano authored an article featured on Main Street Rock titled Wanted: Drama-free Relationships. An exerpt of the article will only leave you wanting to read the rest:

“Have we, as a culture, accepted unhealthy romances as the norm because we no longer believe in relationships free of emotional use and abuse? Like Swift, many of us have gone out looking for long-lasting love—followed pop culture’s dating playbook to the letter—only to watch our efforts crash and burn. There has to be a better way. So how do we hop off the roller coaster of emotion-driven relationships? And where do we begin to build a long-lasting relationship that points to Something bigger than itself?”

Check out the site and be sure to read Catherine’s terrific article.

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