0d7acedfcd433e307d705c971fc7a401It isn’t too late to join this dynamic book study! LVG ladies continue their discussion of Edward Sri’s book this evening with Chapter 5 – The Law of the Gift: Understanding the Two Sides of Love. Following Father Karol Wojtyla’s (Pope John Paul II) Love & Responsibility, Sri unpacks this topic exploring two types of love – the powerful feeling you have when you’re attracted to the opposite sex (“subjective”) vs. “objective” love that has distinct qualities of virtue, friendship, and the pursuit of a common good. A great article on the chapter is available here.

Meet at 7pm in Room 201 @ St. Francis Eastside (125 Commonwealth Drive). Discussion led by Lorena R and Christina C. Questions? Call Christina – 443-986-5945 or Lorena – 843-833-3820. Link to the Facebook event here.

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