Jan to Mar Women Book ClubOur book study for women will resume meeting again on Tuesdays at 7pm (Jan 20th – Mar 17) at St. Francis Eastside in Room 201 to discuss their new book – “Men, Women and the Mystery of Love” by Edward Sri.

Father Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) published Love and Responsibility in 1960, the fruit of his pastoral work, particularly among young people. His analysis of the true meaning of human love is life-transforming and practical, shedding light on real issues between men and women.

Edward Sri unpacks the contents of this great work, making it accessible to every reader. The author emphasizes the down-to-earth nature of Love and Responsibility, helping readers appropriate practical information.

Discussion of this book will be led by Lorena R and Christina C. Questions? Call Christina – 443-986-5945 or Lorena – 843-833-3820.

  • Jan 20: Ch1. Getting It Right: The Foundation of Friendship
  • Jan 27: Ch 2. Beyond the Sexual Urge, Ch 3. Avoiding Fatal Attractions
  • Feb 3; Ch 4. Sense and Sentimentality: The Proper Role of the Emotions
  • Feb 10: Ch 5. The Law of the Gift: Understanding the Two Sides of Love
  • Feb 17: Ch 6. Love and . . . Responsibility?
  • Feb 24: Ch 7. Resenting Chastity: The Current Crisis, Ch 8. The Battle for Purity
  • March 3: Ch 9. To Inspire Love: A Return to Modesty
  • March 10: Ch 10. Men, Women, and Tenderness
  • March 17: Ch 11. How Contraception Destroys Love, Ch 12. Foundations for the Theology of the Body

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