10841627_10205094986673346_2084527125_nDon’t underestimate the power of your SHARE button! As you all know from emails and posts, our ministry has been asked by the St. Vincent dePaul Society to help those in need with donations of used technology. The first donations are being picked up today thanks to a member who reached out to her friends asking them to help support our service project. Michael G. heard the request and remembered that his company often recycles old work laptops. He contacted his IT department and “rescued” several computers for our project. Michael had never even heard about LVG! Keep up the good work, LVG members! Remember to think outside our group, tell your friends, and consider asking your own company what they do with their retired machines! Read about our project and ways you can either donate with used items or cash, here. Learn a little background about one of the teens who we’re helping here. We need your help!

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