20121115-L1060677Follow this bouncing ball: 1 of our members told a friend (a non LVG member) about our ongoing LVG Used Technology Service Project benefiting those identified as being “in need” by the St. Vincent dePaul Society at Prince of Peace. That non LVG member was inspired to ask his company what happens to used laptops and received 5 laptops as a donation to our project. We shared this wonderful news with you in a blog post (here) and another member took the initiative to ask her company! The response is overwhelming – between 8-10 more laptops are being donated from this company because of this ask. The question remains:

  • Have you asked your employer what they do with used laptops?
  • Have you spread the word on social media and among your friends?

These 13-15 laptops need some limited work! Please consider donating money to our project to help purchase operating systems and necessary software and/or hardware, where needed. Contact anyone on the leadership team to learn more or write us at lvgreenville@gmail.com.

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