40a3665d1018ae84aa46cfaa1d284827For many of us, serving in youth ministry is outside of our comfort zones. BUT, the need is great and this post may be meant for YOU to read and discern whether God is calling you to this special opportunity. Mikael McKinney of Our Lady of the Rosary has asked LVG members to consider volunteering with the HS youth group. What does it take to be a good volunteer? Sarah Viancourt, Director of Faith Formation at St. Clare of Assisi in Charleston says that the qualities include someone who is responsible, has healthy relationships, knows appropriate boundaries, is a team player, has a healthy sense of humor and a heart for kids. Sarah added that YG Core Members should have a developed faith life. If you’re interested, Mikael would likely consider you his hero for the day (maybe the week) – contact him at 864.238.2432 mckinneypipes@yahoo.com.

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