There is not room within our Catholic faith to remain a spectator on various social and political issues. On August 4th, Father H. Gregory West, JCL of Saint Clare of Assisi Catholic Church (Daniel Island, SC) published an e-newsletter following his homily on the controversial and difficult issue of immigration reform. He wrote (read the complete article and USCCB references here):

“Jesus fed more than 5,000 people with food meant only for a few. God’s mercy is abundant. We know so from our own experiences. As Christians we are responsible for extending God’s mercy to others. How does the Gospel of Jesus Christ direct us?

Immigration reform is a pro-life issue that is caught up in political rancor. It is vital that we Catholic Christians understand correctly what our bishops are teaching. We cannot and must not rely on the spin doctors of for-profit media outlets to represent our views.

The Catholic Church does not favor amnesty or open borders.  The Church does support border security. But, twelve million undocumented immigrants are here. Not all of them are Hispanic. Many are from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (especially China). What may be done that is just, merciful, and compassionate while also respectful of the rule of law?  We cannot have one without the other. “

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