At Masses this past weekend, St. Mary Magdalene announced the opening of their virtual library with 1100 titles in it, already. Their goal is 3,000 titles by the end of next year. Borrowers are encouraged to earn more by clicking this link. Also, all are encouraged to donate or lend to this library!

Everything begins with surfing the online catalog. There are categories (children, teens, parents, small groups, adorers, etc.) and titles, much like a physical library. You can reserve anything you wish to borrow, pick up your book/CD/DVD at the exchange desk and return it to the same place during the “Exchange Desk Times.” Capture

What types of titles will you find in the library?

There are three criteria for inclusion:

Relevance: We’re not a general purpose library. Our materials must either directly or indirectly contribute to a growth in faith and an advancement of the call to discipleship.

Orthodoxy: The magisterium of the Catholic Church is our standard reference. While materials included are not required to be in direct support of the magisterium, we will exclude materials which are in conflict with it.

Quality: While we “grandfathered” most of the materials that the church possessed in this respect before the virtual library was created, we will exclude submitted materials and refrain from buying materials which we feel do not possess a level of quality we want to be a sustaining characteristic of our library.

One thought on “Virtual library opened for all to borrow from 1,100 titles!

  1. EMILY

    Just an FYI — under “Request a Library ID” it states “Also note that library accounts are available only to registered parishioners of St. Mary Magdalene.” Boo!


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