RosaryThe women have it! First, a group to study THESE BEAUTIFUL BONES by Emily Stimpson meets on Tuesdays at 7pm thru August 5 at Spill the Beans (contact Libby B @ 864-313-1553 with questions) and now a group to pray the rosary together has formed.

Attention women, please join us on Thursday, June 26th at 8pm to pray the rosary. Wine provided, but please bring an appetizer. The event will be at the home of our hostess, Alex K, who lives nearto The Community Tap (Wade Hampton Blvd & Stone Ave area). This is a one-time event, but those attending may discuss continuing to meet in the future. If you’re unable to attend, feel free to suggest a day/time that works better for you in the future.

Contact Alex K at 985-630-1857 for the address!

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