Wild at Heart for Blended Family menOn Fridays at 7pm, a group gathers to discuss John Eldredge’s book “Wild at Heart.” The much-anticipated Chapter 9 titled A Battle to Fight: The Strategy will be read together tonight with opportunities for fellowship, group thinking and refreshments. The chapter/book can be found in a free PDF version here. The fun begins promptly at 7:00pm at 201 McSwain Drive, Greenville 29615 with the invincible Jamie M (healing from his own battle) leading discussion. Whether male or female “Wild at Heart” holds something for all.

As part of Christ’s army, you march in the ranks of gallant spirits. Every one of your fellow soldiers is the child of a King. Some, like you, are in the midst of battle, besieged on every side by affliction and temptation. Others, after many assaults, repulses, and rallyings of their faith, are already standing upon the wall of heaven as conquerors. From there they look down and urge you, their comrades on earth, to march up the hill after them. This is their cry: “Fight to the death and the City is your own, as now it is ours!”


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