ado-832afEffective May 5, security is changing at the St. Mary Magdalene Adoration Chapel to require access by your personal key card rather than code. All are encouraged to read a letter from Father Theo, Pastor. Click here.

“Adorers and visitors will need a key card to enter. This will be the ONLY way to gain access to the chapel.Key cards will be distributed to adorers and visitors after Mass on the weekends of April 26/27 and May 3/4. To receive a key card, please complete an Adorer Registration & Contact form available in the chapel or here.

Submitting this form in advance will make card distribution more efficient. Once the system is in place, “One-day Visitor Cards” will be available from the receptionist in the Parish Center between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.”

Greenville is so blessed to have TWO perpetual adoration chapels. At this time, we have not heard about any changes to the code access at Prince of Peace Catholic Church.

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