blooddonationOn Saturday, April 26th between 11am-3:30pm, all are asked to come with their friends to Chuy’s (1034B Woodruff Rd) to:

  • donate blood
  • volunteer to help those donating blood
  • write letters to troops
  • donate and/or help prepare care packages

DONATING BLOOD: Donors are able to give every 60 days, so if you were able to donate at the last drive please come again. Donors must be healthy, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be 17 years old or 16 with written consent. Donors should be hydrated and have had a good meal an hour prior to the donation time. Walk-ins donations are welcome, but if you wish to sign up for a particular time please do so by clicking here.

VOLUNTEERS: Unable to donate blood, but wish to help those who will? Sign up on the form to help man/woman the event!

WRITE TO OUR TROOPS: Both donors and non-donors are encouraged to share your thoughts and prayers with our service members overseas. Beside the Blood Mobile will be a tent, table and chairs set up with materials provided for writing. Feel free to bring paper, markers and more for crafting letters to our troops. We have adopted a group of soldiers! So parents, please feel free to bring your children.

HELP WITH ITEMS FOR CARE PACKAGES: If you wish to donate items for troop care packages, the following are examples always greatly appreciated by our service members: jerky, trail mixes, protein bars, flavored coffee, flavored beverage mixes (Mio, etc.), and anything good for snacking and energy.

Finally, for those unable to attend or wishing to help us increase our impact, consider printing and distributing the flyer available here (LVG Blood Drive Flyer)!

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