T4T night 2

Night 2 of Thirsty 4 Theology with Chris Pelicano speaking on BALANCE at Chuy’s. Join us for the 3rd in the series on FORGIVENESS with speaker, Father Jeff Kirby. Photo credit: Savannah S.

LVG members and Thirsty 4 Theology attendees: the following letter was received from, Chris Pelicano, following his speaking at Thirsty 4 Theology on Monday, April 28th on the topic of BALANCE! We are so blessed for Chris’ gift of time, insight and friendship.

To the men and women of the Lucis Via Group:

My Dear Men and Women,

I wish to thank you for allowing me to speak to you at your gathering last night. I apologize for my awkwardness in presenting material that I hoped would have been of benefit to you all. I have long believed and conveyed to my children the notion that the truth is a grace and it always has grace “attached to it” if it is conveyed with love. And by this grace in love it can always do good. I take consolation in the thought that that was my intention as I spoke to your group.

It was a joy for me to meet and speak with you individually that evening. By your graciousness, it became evident to me that I had actually received from each of you the benefits I had sought to give to you through my talk. Thank you!

The “way of light” is literally the way of grace. Grace being some share, some aspect of God’s own life and essence. This mysterious and wonderful sharing of His own life with us takes place in the hiddeness of our soul. But, that “light” is not meant to remain hidden there. It must have expression in the externals of our lives. The proper form of that expression is in the exercise of virtue … and there are so many virtues to live.

Virtue is the “middle way” … not a way of compromise or blandness but a way of strength that avoids “too much” or “too little” in human conduct. Excess or defect—too much or too little—is essentially the way of sin. To live virtue is to avoid sin. Virtue, therefore, is the way of balance in life especially when the life of virtue grows out of the life of grace in the soul.

This is essentially the message I wanted to convey but did so so poorly. And the Compleat Gentleman is about an age-old code of conduct (a brotherhood of virtue) that grew out of the rebirth of Christian civilization (based largely on the work of Benedictine monks, who flourished under the RULE of St. Benedict) following the fall of the Roman Empire. Obviously a companionship of virtue is applicable to both men and women, but in our present crisis of manhood recovery can come about most speedily by “converting” men to a noble human life of virtue. And, in a world populated by gentlemen woman would be the chief beneficiaries.

My God bless your group with His grace, and from the light of your souls may each of you give expression to that light in virtuous balanced lives.

I am most sincerely yours,

Chris Pelicano



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