Where is Jesus calling you to be bold in sharing your testimony? Make it your plan to join LVG members in discussing Acts 21:16-26:32 tonight in room 201 at St. Francis Eastside Hospital (we recommend using entrance C to go upstairs) with Claudia W leading. The bulk of tonight will be spent reading this Holy text (so please come, even if you haven’t read) that takes us from last week’s readings on Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey to God leading Paul back to Jerusalem where he will be imprisoned, defend himself against the accusations of the Jewish elders to Governors Felix, then Governor Festus, then King Agrippa, before taking his case to Caesar. Only 1 week remains in this study (the last night is April 7th). Thirsty 4 Theology begins Monday, April 21st at 7pm at Chuy’s and will last for 4 sessions.

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