POCS2Special guest, Emily Stimpson, is speaking on the topic: Growing Up Too Fast, The Sexualization of American Girlhood at the St. Mary’s Program of Catholic Studies that meets tonight, Feb 20th at 6:30pm in McGrady Hall (the church undercroft). LVG members are regular weekly attendees of this special lecture series that changes topic weekly and runs through May (resuming in September). From the flyer, “Stimpson will address how the push to sexualize women at a younger and younger age is harming girls, boys, and the culture as a whole. She’ll address what mothers and fathers can do to help their children reject the harmful message of sexualization coming at them from the culture and find their identity as young men and women in Christ.” Ms. Stimpson is a summa cum laud graduate of Miami University of Ohio where she studied political science, history and English literature. She also did graduate work at in political theory at Johns Hopkins University and theology at Franciscan University.

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