Have you seen the wish list for our Christmas Project – adopting the Julie Valentine Center? As Thanksgiving quickly rolls into the greatest shopping days of the year, consider adding this project to your list. The items on this wish list fit a variety of donation budgets: crayons, markers, finger paint, poster paper, construction paper, yarn, magnets, glue, binders, stickers, and batteries TO travel games, DVDs, and gift cards. When you look at the list, you’ll notice that items are needed to help comfort children as they testify in court, to entertain them as they’re being processed through the system, and as encouragement during difficult therapy. Gift cards are being used to help purchase items and gas cards are needed to help families commute to the center who live too far from bus lines. Gift cards can be any size – $10 and up. Your help is urgently needed and wanted. Please consider signing up for an item the wish list today.

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