Martin-Luther-Here-I-StandT.J. Nielsen, Director of Christian Formation at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, is holding a 27 night (October – May on Thursdays at 6:30pm in McGrady Hall – undercroft of the church) Program of Catholic Studies (click the link for a full schedule)! From the St. Mary’s website, “All men view the world and judge truth through particular lenses (often unconsciously) that have been forged and refined through the centuries. Only through understanding and engaging one’s worldview can we begin the work of the New Evangelization and reintroduce man and the culture to the saving work of Jesus Christ.”

A group from our young adult ministry is attending and everyone has enjoyed learning in the first 2 sessions about the History of Islam! Mr. Nielsen has a wonderful way of lecturing with humor and provides very good slides and handouts making complicated topics easy to understand. This week, the topic is The Protestant Reformation. It is expected that the audio of the presentations will be available shortly on the parish website. Keep checking this link.

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