You may very well remember the groundbreaking “CATHOLICISM” series by Fr. Robert Barron two years ago. That series looked back and took us on a journey into the beauty and truth of our faith and 2,000 year tradition.

Recently, St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church announced that the follow-up to that series, “Catholicism: The New Evangelization” will be shown at the parish. This new 6-week series will explain the causes of the crisis the Church faces in our day and then look to the future. It will prepare you for what is beginning – – an entirely new era for the Church in Western Civilization.

CatholicismIt will look squarely into the dechristianizing of our time and the enormous challenge it presents. But it will also show that the seeds of our response have already taken root and are now sprouting. The Holy Spirit has been preparing us. The new era of our evangelical Church is beginning.

 To miss this series is to miss understanding what the future of our Church’s interaction with our culture will be. More important perhaps, to miss, it may mean not becoming part of that response, and contributing to shaping our future.

The program will be hosted twice on Sunday mornings at the parish, at 8:45AM and 10:30AM, and twice on Wednesdays at 4:30PM and 6:30PM. The program begins this Wednesday 10/16 and next Sunday 10/20.

If you wish to purchase the optional student guide or request childcare, you must register for it here.

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