Prince of Peace (Taylors, SCLots of news from Prince of Peace that are important to share with our young adult ministry. As many of you know, Father Tomlinson is leaving on September 15th and the farewell reception is being held at 1pm. It is unknown when a 2nd priest will join Father Chris at Prince of Peace which necessitates a change in the Mass and Confession schedule. Beginning on 9/16, the Mass schedule will be that no Mass is celebrated on Mondays or Saturday mornings. Mass will be at 7am in English on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesdays, the School Mass will be celebrated at 8:30am. Confessions will be Wednesdays at 5pm and Thursdays at 7pm!

An Apologetics Course will began on Thursday, September 5th. The regular meeting time is 7:30pm-9pm and the leader is Stephen DeCasas who will be using two sources: St. Joseph Communications and San Juan Catholic Seminars. A schedule of topics is included below. Catholics and non-Catholics are encouraged to attend!

  • Week 1- Authority (church, Peter, Apostolic Succession, Keys to the Kingdom)
  • Week 2- Bible Alone
  • Week 3- Eucharist
  • Week 4- Mary
  • Week 5- Priesthood
  • Week 6- Faith and Works
  • Week 7- Sacraments
  • Week 8- Rapture and End times
  • Week 9- Purgatory
  • Week 10- Confession

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