St. Anthony of Padua has several fantastic summer offerings in their St. Anthony’s University including classes being taught by LVG member T.J Cofield on Mondays in June on Vatican II: Gaudium et Spes and Thursdays on The Letters of St. Paul. Check out the brochure below and add it to your calendar!



Prince of Peace is welcoming guest speaker, Barbara Nicolosi, on June 3rd at Croghan Hall (6pm Reception & 7pm Presentation). All are invited to learn about “Why the Church Needs the Beautiful” in an evening focused on religion in the arts.


RainOrShine_mediumThe 2nd Annual YAClympics IS HAPPENING rain or shine, ladies and gentlemen! If you have not already registered, do so here! Registration is required and has the added benefit of being the best way to keep up with the latest news! Greenville competitors (ahem…winners), if you’re seeking a carpool meet at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church at 8:30am. Questions? Call Matt D at 678-938-4114.

Arrive at Sesquicentennial State Park (picnic pad #3) by 10am for sign in. In the event of heavy rain/storm, there is a plan to move to a covered facility.

Remember, #cantbeatgreenville

20160516_194439 (1)Our Spring series of Theology on Tap: Saintly Sinners launched last night on the topic of the process of becoming a recognized saint with Father Chris Smith, Pastor of Prince of Peace Catholic Church (Taylors), as our speaker. It was a glorious evening filled with socializing in a great local bar over food and drink while learning from a seasoned teacher who injected humor into a very detailed process. We’re grateful to Father Chris, the amazing staff at Connolly’s Irish Pub, and all of the participants for making it such a great night. Join us next week (social/food/drinks at 6:45; speaker at 7:30p at Connolly’s) with speaker, Karl Orbon on the topic of miracles and incorruptible Saints.

9781941447772_flatScott Hahn’s newest book, The Creed, is available for the cost of shipping ($2.72 for postage) and an optional tax-deductible donation, if able to give to The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Get it here and let us know if you would be interested in a small group discussion on it by emailing The book, described by the publisher:

“Why were the early Christians willing to die to protect a single iota of the creed? Why have the Judeans, Romans, and Persians—among others—seen the Christian creed as a threat to the established social order? In The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages, bestselling author Dr. Scott Hahn recovers and conveys the creed’s revolutionary character.

Tracing the development of the first formulations of faith in the early Church through later ecumenical councils, The Creed tells the story of how the very profession of our belief in Christ fashions us for heavenly life as we live out our earthly days.”

11295835_793901627396664_9160154602615041339_nA new hashtag was born today by our “friends” (ahem, competitors) in Charleston and Columbia – #beatGreenville. And, it seems that there is some confusion about which region is taking home (i.e. keeping) the YAClympics trophy. Let’s set them straight, LVGers! Register now to play, volunteer or be a cheerleader for the 2nd Annual YAClympics, a Diocesan-wide competition of physical and intellectual prowess, happening on Saturday, May 21st in Columbia’s beautiful Sesquicentennial State Park. The schedule for the day includes an opportunity to stay for post-event activities – last year, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and game night socializing (you can even stay in Columbia overnight with one of our YACs for morning Mass & brunch).

Learn more on the Diocesan blog here. The schedule is posted below (link to our Facebook event):


– 10am – 10:30am – Sign-in

– 10:30am – 10:45am – Form teams

– 10:45am – Games will promptly begin

– 10:45am – 2pm – Round 1 of YAClympics Games

– 2pm – 3:30pm – Cookout and fellowship

– 3:30pm – 5pm – Round 2 of YAClympics Games

– 5pm – Awards and Closing Ceremony

– 5:45pm – Post-YAClympic Festivities (optional)

**For those who do not want to depart on May 21, there will be an option of being hosted in Columbia followed by Mass and brunch as a groupon Sunday**

SUNDAY, MAY 22 (optional)

– 9am – Mass at St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel

– 10:15am – Brunch

Come dressed for a field day – tennis shoes and active clothing encouraged – and be sure to bring sunscreen, bug spray, water, and a joyfully competitive attitude!

Pope Francis places a white rose at the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Pope Francis places a white rose at the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Manhattan, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Come discuss Pope Francis’ visit to the US in a small group format on Wednesdays at 7pm at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in the cry room to the left. This week’s topics include:

  • Ground Zero Memorial, Interreligious meeting, speech
  • Harlem School, Meeting with Immigrant Families and Children, speech
  • Madison Square Garden, Holy Mass, homily
  • Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul, Holy Mass, homily

Participants are not required to read ahead, but links are available should you wish to do so. The highlights of each speech or homily are presented and then discussed together. Leave room to eat dinner afterward at a restaurant! Questions? Call Kylee at 864-266-8843. Leaders include Heather B, Kylee H, and Sarah P!