openHave no fear! The roads are clear for our monthly Women’s Rosary Group. This month is being hosted by Elizabeth E in her home near Prince of Peace in the Taylors area. Bring an appetizer and enjoy wine provided by the hostess. Call for directions (814) 521-4482.

As always, use your judgment and be safe!

lenten evening of recollectionFather Christopher Smith has asked Evan Simington to join him as a speaker at our Friday, February 27th special event: Lenten Evening of Recollection. The evening will begin with Stations of the Cross at 7pm at Prince of Peace Catholic Church and continue into the talk with a light meal in keeping with Lent. The topics will range from the importance of silence, discernment, fasting, virtue, prayer, and other aspects of Christian discipleship. In particular, our speakers will expand on the notion of penance, redemptive suffering, obstacles to holiness, and how to carry the discipline of Lent throughout the year. RSVP here.

About our speakers:

SmithFather Smith is a native of Greenville, South Carolina.  He was received into the Catholic Church at the age of 13 at St Mary’s.  After graduating from Southside High School, he went to Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.  After a year living in Rome studying at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, he entered priestly formation at the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary, the Pope’s personal seminary, for service in the Diocese of Charleston.  While there, he obtained a licentiate in dogmatic theology from the Gregorian University and also studied French at the Institut Catholique in Paris.  Father Smith was ordained Deacon by Camillo Cardinal Ruini, Papal Vicar for the Diocese of Rome, on 30 October 2004 and Priest by Bishop Robert Baker of Charleston on 23 July 2005.

Father Smith spent two years at St Mary’s, Greenville as Parochial Vicar and then Administrator pro tempore.  He then was assigned to St Peter’s, Beaufort and Holy Cross, St Helena’s Island as Parochial Vicar and Administrator pro tempore.  He then spent two years at St Francis-by-the-Sea on Hilton Head Island.  In all of his parishes, he had primary responsibility for Hispanic Ministry, chaplaincy and teaching in parochial schools, and apostolate to the sick.  While in Beaufort and Hilton Head, Father Smith pursued a Master of Business Administration degree at the Citadel.

In 2009, Bishop Guglielmone assigned Father Smith to the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain.  He defended his doctoral dissertation in dogmatic theology on the thought of twentieth-century French Jesuit Henri De Lubac in June 2012, after which he received the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology.

Father Smith speaks Spanish, Italian, French and some German.  He enjoys reading, kickboxing, and music.  He is a member of the Church Music Association of America and contributes regularly to the Chant Café blog.  He is also a member of the Catholic Theological Society of America and is a speaker on sacred music, liturgy, theology, and catechesis.  In 2013 he was elected to the Society for Catholic Liturgy. In 2014 he was received into the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem as a Chaplain.  

photoMr  Evan Simington is a recent convert to the Catholic Church through the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.  He was born in Georgia and grew up in Florida where he went to Florida State University.  At F.S.U. he received his B.A. in Philosophy and Religion, 2008, before going to Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin, 2014, where he received an M. Div.  After graduating from Nashotah House, he decided against pursuing ordination in the Anglican Church in favor of making his conversion to the Catholic Church and was received into the church on 5 October 2014.  Although he is a recent convert he has extensive experience in the catholic faith, theology, and liturgy.  Mr. Simington is also actively pursuing ordination to the Catholic priesthood through the Anglican Ordinariate that His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI established in 2005.  His spirituality has been formed and fostered by the high Anglican Tradition and draws heavily upon a theology of the Incarnation; which is why he took St Athanasius as his confirmation Saint.

elsaLVG women are going to “brave” this “snow” storm to meet tonight for discussion on Chapter 6-8 (as much of it that can be accomplished) of Edward Sri’s Men, Women and the Mystery of Love. Conversation is likely to move across topics of love, responsibility, chastity and purity. Join us!! For this week, all are invited to a private home nearto Congaree & Roper Mountain Road. Call Christina – 443-986-5945 or Lorena – 843-833-3820 for questions and directions. As always, if you don’t feel driving conditions are safe, please err on the side of caution.

10990026_10152818118014773_8188164718111954313_nOur friends in Columbia have issued a statewide challenge to participate in the 1st Annual South Carolina Young Adult Catholic Olympics  (affectionately nicknamed “YAClympics”)! The event is Saturday, May 23 from 10:30-5:45pm with an option to stay overnight.

There is a trophy, people. This is serious. This trophy will travel with the winning team to be displayed with the respective young adult group until YAClympics 2016!

The event is currently in the planning stages, but here is the tentative schedule of events:

MAY 23
– 10:30am-11am – Sign-in
– 11am – Games will promptly begin
– 11am – 2pm – Round 1 of YAClympics Games
– 2pm – 3:30pm – Cookout and fellowship
– 3:30pm – 5pm – Round 2 of YAClympics Games
– 5pm – Awards and Closing Ceremony
– 5:45pm – Groups head for a pizza dinner

**For those who do not want to depart on May 23, there will be an option of being hosted in Columbia followed by Mass and brunch as a group on Sunday **

MAY 24 (optional)
– 9am – Mass at St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel
– 10:15am – Brunch
– 1pm – Friendly football game or other activities in Columbia

More details will be released soon!

f0ede16630cc1c137ecda568e9725642Just a quick note that our previous blog post on the Local Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule has been updated with the latest information about weather-related cancellations. See here. Check parish websites to confirm!

82fa473e9531debda9ff7100c83baf91ASH WED SCHEDULE (as always, check your parish)

Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting (1 meal & 2 smaller meals that together do not constitute the other meal) and abstinence (no meat). It is not a holy day of obligation. However, it is strongly advisable to attend Mass since it is a fitting way to mark the beginning of the penitential season of Lent.

Why do we receive ashes on the forehead? The act of applying ashes to our forehead symbolizes our mortality as well as our need for ongoing repentance. Read more.

7am – St. Mary Magdalene; St. Mary’s Downtown; Prince of Peace

8:30am – St. Mary Magdalene; Prince of Peace

9am – Blessed Trinity

noon – St. Anthony of Padua; St. Mary’s Downtown; Prince of Peace (Latin)

12:10pm – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

12:15pm – St. Mary Magdalene

5pm – St. Mary Magdalene

6pm – Our Lady of the Rosary

6:30pm – St. Mary Magdalene

7pm – Blessed Trinity (SPANISH); St. Anthony of Padua; St. Mary’s Downtown (with SPANISH in the Baum Center); Prince of Peace

8:30pm – St. Mary Magdalene (SPANISH)

facebook_logo-1Each Lent, some of our LVG members fast from Facebook. We encourage you to keep in touch with LVG using alternative options.  As a reminder, our events are listed on our website (, Twitter (@lvgreenville), email newsletter (click here to subscribe), and Google calendar (add lvgreenville to your Google calendar or click here). You can receive email updates about posts to the website here (which is NOT the same thing as getting our newsletter). Happy Fasting!