Scenes from LVG members working at the Habitat for Humanity House built in honor of Pope Francis on April 25th! Thanks to all who served!

About 50 are registered from Greenville, Columbia and Charleston to compete in the 1st Annual YAClympics! Have you registered? Go here! We’ll be competing for a TROPHY and playing various types of games – some will be physically challenging, others will be silly and there will be a trivia round! Join Becky, Caitlin, Catherine, Christina, Katie, Krishna, Kylee, Linni, Lismarie, Matt (both of them!), Meghan and TJ for a fun-filled day ending a W-I-N!

The location is secured, the games are planned, and the trophy is waiting for the best team to take home! Let’s get excited for the inaugural YAClympics 2015 on Saturday, May 16 starting at 10:30am at Sesquicentennial State Park! 11149535_10152947908364773_1718826726997476309_nIt is pretty much a no-brainer – you’re going to want to come. There is an event for EVERY single person to compete in – from the silly to the mental to the physical. Learn more on here and register soon! Questions? Contact

Our Greenville team is coordinating via the Facebook event found here. Some folks have indicated they’ll be coming late – no problem! There are morning and afternoon events.

Everyone (volunteers, cheerleaders and players) must register in order that food and supplies be adequately prepared.

20150428_130430The 2nd evening of Renew International’s Theology on Tap featured Father Dwight Longenecker speaking on the topic of same-sex marriage. Not only is the topic relevant as the Supreme Court begins hearing arguments about whether there’s a constitutional right to such unions nationwide (join the “pledge a rosary for family”), but it is one in which we get engaged with our peers in discussion. Father Longenecker presented four commonly used arguments against same-sex marriage working through each and explaining why there are holes with particular audiences. For example, arguing that same-sex marriage is wrong because the authority of the Church says so essentially requires buy-in on the Church’s authority just as biblical references could be countered with reference to biblical practices to which we no longer adhere (such as avoiding shellfish).

Father’s advice in a situation where the loudest or most powerful argument is the winner? Tolerant resistance. Father Longenecker encouraged LVG members to maintain their opinion (rooted in the Church’s teaching) while tolerating the opposing view. He went onto reference his own experience with running a blog and receiving comments on it. “Never argue with atheists, especially the ones who  go to church,” he chuckled.

In a situation where one is engaged in civil debate, Father Longenecker encouraged sharing beliefs! The strongest and best argument against same-sex marriage is to focus on the beauty and positivity of marriage. He reminded us that marriage is a sacrament of self-sacrifice, not self-fulfillment. Within the sacramental marriage, a couple learns about God’s love and grace and this is necessary to getting into heaven. Father said that seeing vibrant Catholic marriages radiant in joy is an important witness to the sacrament that will leave observers wanting to know more. Further, Father reminded us that like any sacrament, no authority of any kind can change the matter of the sacrament (click here to learn about the matter of each sacrament). God reveals himself thru the mystery of the sacraments – a physical action/property that communicates God’s grace and love. For example, one cannot baptize with mud or substitute wine in the Eucharist with coconut water. Therefore, one cannot change the matter of marriage between a man and a woman.

Next week is our final week of this season of Theology on Tap. Join us at 7p at Liberty Tap Room on Monday, May 4 (insert May the fourth jokes here). We’ll conclude with speakers Paul & Katie Smith who will talk about how the body communicates truths through dating and marriage.

Join us at Liberty Tap Room at 7pm tonight to hear speaker Father Dwight Longenecker explain the effects sin portrays of a false view of the original identity of creating man in His image & likeness! Expect to learn about the church’s views on premarital sex, homosexuality, marriage, pornography, and more. Learn more about our speaker from his biography here.

You can win a t-shirt tonight! Go up to someone you have not met and ask the name of their confirmation saint. Be the first to tell Kylee 1) who you met and 2) the name of the saint.

rosary handsEach month, LVG ladies meet on a Thursday at 7:30p to pray a rosary and enjoy fellowship together. The location changes monthly and hostesses are always appreciated. This month, do not bring any food as leftover retreat goodies will be available! Call Victoria at 770-366-3246 for the exact address (behind Whole Foods/Woodruff Road).