oct10frpaschalOur regularly scheduled monthly Women’s Rosary Group is devoting tonight to the Kidrick family. As many of you have already learned, Wade’s Mom suddenly passed away yesterday. Bring an hors d’oeuvres to share and enjoy wine (provided). Meg McG will be our hostess this month; you can contact her directly at 864.363.8753 to obtain her address (located on the eastside, off of E. North Street/Haywood/Wade Hampton). The evening begins at 7:30pm.

If you’re unable to attend, please join us from your home in prayer for the Kidricks.

Christmas party photo booth collageWell, we had an absolute blast at the Anticipation of Christmas Party at Fitzpatrick’s last Friday.  If you missed it, at least you can check out some pictures from the photo booth (courtesy of Sarah K. and John O. ~ many thanks, you two!).  As announced at the party, the LVG member(s) in whichever photo receives the most “likes” will receive a rosary hand-made by Jamie McG!  We’ll review the count as of Sunday night (December 14th) to determine our winner.

Go check out the photo booth album on Facebook…ready, set, go like your favorites!

immaculateconception5The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Holy Day of Obligation! If you have not already attended Mass, consider joining your LVG family at St. Mary’s Catholic Church for the 7pm service. Those interested will go to dinner afterward at Carolina Ale House (113 S Main Street). Please contact Claudia W. at 864.449.8249 with any questions.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, in its oldest form, goes back to the seventh century, when churches in the East began celebrating the Feast of the Conception of Saint Anne, the mother of Mary. In other words, this feast celebrates the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the womb of Saint Anne; and nine months later, on September 8, we celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Read more about the Feast today via: Word on Fire (What the Immaculate Conception Means)

“Because Mary is what God wanted us all to be, she speaks of herself as the eternal blueprint in the mind of God, the one whom God loved before she was a creature. She is even pictured as being with Him not only at creation, but before creation. She existed in the Divine Mind as an Eternal Thought before there were any mothers. She is the Mother of mothers. The closer one is to God, the greater the purity. But since no one was ever closer to God than the woman whose human portals he threw open to walk this earth, then no one could have been more pure than she. This special purity of hers we call the Immaculate Conception. The word ‘immaculate’ is taken from two Latin words meaning ‘not stained.’ Conception means that at the first moment of her conception, the Blessed Mother in the womb of her mother, Saint Anne, and in virtue of the anticipated merits of the Redemption of her Son was preserved free from the stains of original sin.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (The World’s First Love)

20121115-L1060677Follow this bouncing ball: 1 of our members told a friend (a non LVG member) about our ongoing LVG Used Technology Service Project benefiting those identified as being “in need” by the St. Vincent dePaul Society at Prince of Peace. That non LVG member was inspired to ask his company what happens to used laptops and received 5 laptops as a donation to our project. We shared this wonderful news with you in a blog post (here) and another member took the initiative to ask her company! The response is overwhelming – between 8-10 more laptops are being donated from this company because of this ask. The question remains:

  • Have you asked your employer what they do with used laptops?
  • Have you spread the word on social media and among your friends?

These 13-15 laptops need some limited work! Please consider donating money to our project to help purchase operating systems and necessary software and/or hardware, where needed. Contact anyone on the leadership team to learn more or write us at lvgreenville@gmail.com.

Thank you to Victoria & Dan B for donating a printer to our LVG Service Project!

Thank you to Victoria & Dan B for donating a printer to our LVG Service Project!

The party starts at 7:30pm tonight with your LVG family socializing, dancing (we’ve heard hints of swing dancing? Annie Z? Angel O? Sarah P?), and having a blast in our photo booth (shout out to Sarah K & John O for organizing)! What are you bringing? If you have been to our annual Christmas Party before, you might answer that you’re bringing food and/or beverages! Stop right there! We’ve changed the party this year! Come upstairs to the PRIVATE ROOM @ Fitzpatrick’s with…

  • an appetite: we’re providing appetizers
  • money: to buy your preference of food/beverage and/or contribute to our LVG bucket to buy additional food
  • donation: if you haven’t heard, we’re collecting used technology OR cash (for purchasing technology items in need) to give to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. If you don’t have used technology to donate, ask your friends! We have already received donations from friends of our ministry. The SVDP has identified people in great need whose lives would be made better by technology (here is one example of a beneficiary). Also, we have this awesome guy on our Leadership Team (way to go, Jamie M) who is lending his time and talent to update and make “like new” whatever donations are received. While we’re “pushing” this project for Christmas, we’re adopting this service project year round. Read more here.

See you soon as we keep the joy of Advent in our hearts in ANTICIPATION of Christmas (thanks Father Chris!) 

Fitzpatrick’s Irish Pub
1565 Laurens Road (29607)

10841627_10205094986673346_2084527125_nDon’t underestimate the power of your SHARE button! As you all know from emails and posts, our ministry has been asked by the St. Vincent dePaul Society to help those in need with donations of used technology. The first donations are being picked up today thanks to a member who reached out to her friends asking them to help support our service project. Michael G. heard the request and remembered that his company often recycles old work laptops. He contacted his IT department and “rescued” several computers for our project. Michael had never even heard about LVG! Keep up the good work, LVG members! Remember to think outside our group, tell your friends, and consider asking your own company what they do with their retired machines! Read about our project and ways you can either donate with used items or cash, here. Learn a little background about one of the teens who we’re helping here. We need your help!

CaptureLVG friends! If you did not have the good fortune of being able to attend Father Boyle’s study on Exodus, you’re in LUCK because you can listen online! Go to the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church website and scroll down a little to the right for the Soundcloud links. (Speaking from experience, these sessions were absolutely outstanding!)